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clay wolf by arui clay wolf by arui
When you're left with no other means.

My camera's in the shop now for major repairs on the zoom. My dad's is also messed up beyond help. I was left with the option of the crappy old scanner. Suprisingly, it worked better than expected... but it's still crap.

I plan on painting it after I fire it for the first time in the next week or two, and then glaze it, and send it to the kiln for one last time :3. I want it painted like one of the wolfmovie characters, but I'm debating on which one that will be right yet.

Clay wolf (c) aru

Please, excuse all crappiness, and... my hand. I couldn't risk breaking the tail off though. And... the muzzle shot had to be shakily held to do it x___o. Don't try it at home, folks. Especially if the clay thinger is big. Mine spans across my entire hand. And it's heavy.

No crits. I can't change anything on it anyway ;3
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XxLadySheikxX Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013  Student General Artist
This is... incredible. I really need to work on my sculpting...
marinebiology Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
is that done with air dry clay or the kind of clay you bake?
KinoTheWolf Featured By Owner May 29, 2011
99winnie Featured By Owner May 27, 2011
how do you make them look like that? and how do you make it stand? (without its legs getting in the way)
saseruookami Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2006
Very welll done! I've never attempted clay work. I don't think I have the hands for clay. Too much fingernail :3
majentafox Featured By Owner May 7, 2006  Professional General Artist
wow o_o thats really awsome XDDD I tried making stuff out of clay quite a few times but I find it really difficult, and even if it looks good before I bake it , it becomes lopsided in the oven D:
But then again thats with sculpey clay.
What kind of clay did you use for it :0?
arui Featured By Owner May 7, 2006
Lopsidedness happens with virtually any clay x__x;. This stuff can "dissolve" or break down to a mush when water is added. That's how it got its smoothness..

I don't buy the clay, fortunately. It would be too 'spencive. I either slack off in ceramics and create whatever I want, or take projects home and end up with a small supply of leftover clay here and there. I keep it in a bucket and add water every now and then to keep it good xD. I'm so cheap.
Arcenic Featured By Owner May 7, 2006
what type of clay is it made out of? be careful about putting solid clay in a kiln, belive me ive had stuff explode before. o.o;

pretty ^_^
arui Featured By Owner May 7, 2006
I can't remember what type it is x__x;;. But you can join pieces by scoring the edges and you use water with this kind. Wow... that sure narrows it down xDD. Well, for certain, it's not Kaolin/china. It gets gross and gritty if you fire it twice in the high-fire one. I'm sticking with the low-fire... and I hollowed it out. Through a most convenient place xDD... the butt. It has a rather nice hole just below the tail that leads into the "stomach" area. Ch'ya. I took precautions there.
pichu4850 Featured By Owner May 7, 2006
looks awesoem D: you make such good real life anatomy >< Cant waitr to see it done :D
Idess Featured By Owner May 6, 2006  Professional General Artist
*envy rays emit from eyes*
My sculptures look like blobs ;.; This is very awesome, so smooth and stuff < 33333
arui Featured By Owner May 6, 2006
-Cackle- If only you could run your fingers on it...heh... not smooth at all xD. I have lots of nail marks in it, too, from handling the wet clay too much. Stupid almost-nonexistant nails x__x. They mark up perfectly good blobby-wolfies.

Iddy pwns my soul < 333. Hey, what character should I do it like? Luna, Star, Janus, Shadow, Jack, Silver...?
Idess Featured By Owner May 7, 2006  Professional General Artist
lol xD Well its smoother than any of my attempts at claymaking D:
Ummm I'd say Silver, cause it kinda looks like her body type ^.^
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